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Jubilee Album Launch Concert

This is the film of the 'Jubilee' Album Launch Concert recorded at Nine Volt Leap Recording Studios in Melksham on Thursday 8th December. The idea was that this was going to be streamed live on my Facebook page but I couldn't get a strong enough signal on my phone. D'oh! Thanks to Joe Brown on bass and vocals, Paul Kench on lead guitar and vocals, Chris Scrivens on drums and percussion and Jon Peter Godfrey on drums and percussion also. Track timings: 00:23 "Do What You Want", 03:38 "Going Back To Liverpool", 07:36 "Vinyl Junkie", 12:28 "Stay Human #1 (Song for Vittorio)", 15:44 "We'll Be Champions", 18:44 "Mr Dawkins", 21:24 "A Better Way", 24:42 "You've Got To Give It Up, Baby". 'Jubilee' is available to listen to/download from Bandcamp.

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