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Holy Roller - my latest LP!

My new LP Holy Roller is my fifteenth album release in fourteen years. It comes hot on the heels of my last LP, Jubilee. Here’s a track by track summary:

1. The Man In The Shop

The shop in question is an electrical repairs shop in Cheltenham. I had recently had a conversation with two friends about the sixties and we tried to work out whether there really was something magical about that time or if we are just in love with an idealised version of it. The man in the shop supplied the answer in the song. In real life I think he just made me love the sixties even more as he was something beautiful that had survived from it.

2. Years Ago, Nancy

A fictional story, alas! This is me trying to do an RT.

3. We Want Justice

This was the first song I wrote after my visit to Palestine in 2014.

4. Fe Fie Fo Fum!

This one’s about God’s nature being non-violent. He ain’t no scary giant!

5. If You Want Me

Nearly made it to the Jubilee album.

6. Clav And Gear

My attempt to produce something in the vein of Alan Hawkshaw and those other geniuses who wrote for KPM. It’s a Beatles pun.

7. Bella Ciao

Holy Roller is released on the sixth anniversary of Vittorio Arrigoni’s death. Vittorio was an Italian human rights activist who was killed in Gaza. My album Stay Human from 2012 was dedicated to him as is this Italian anti-fascist anthem which was sung at his memorial service.

8. Come Together

I rarely get paid for gigs I do as Blake and I need money to live so in 2007 I formed a Beatles tribute band, playing the role of John. I recorded this with Paul, George and Ringo. “He one Holy Roller…” The front and rear cover shots for the LP were taken on our tour to Hamburg last year.

9. God Will Wipe Away The Tears From Our Eyes

This came about after remixing my song ‘That Day Will Come’ from Stay Human.

10. Bird

This is an oldie dating from about 2003, which I’d had kicking about as a demo on cassette. I decided to re-record it properly.

11. Low Frequency

A riff which was going to be a link at first until I realised it’s sort of impossible to link tracks on digital releases. Where does one end and the other begin?

12. Are You In?

13. Noah

I wrote ‘Daisy’ from Latest Pop Sounds for my daughter in 2009 and wanted to do the same for my son when he was two.

14. All The World

A song for refugees. Daisy sings the high harmony vocal at the end.

The Star Carol

I basically copied Simon and Garfunkel’s version note for note because I love it.

Hamburg Pilgrimage

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