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Vinyl Vault

My LP, 'RIDE', is now available exclusively at the best independent record shop in the UK: VINYL VAULT in Cheltenham.

Mike and Phil are not simply purveyors of the world's finest records, but are lovely blokes who have had a sort of mentoring role in my life, I now realise. I first walked down into the basement there when I was still at school. I never dreamed that one day they would stock one of my own LPs!

In the early noughties I actually lived a few doors down from the shop which meant I was spending a good deal of my income there. At the time I was a self-employed bookseller. The business folded, but my record collection became the envy of my friends! This was at the time that I recorded my first album, 'Solomon's Tump'. I think I was too embarrassed to show Mike and Phil that one, though; especially as I could only afford to get it produced as a CDR!

Phil and Mike used to come to my early Karmatruffle gigs when we were little more than a Bevis Frond tribute band. Recently, I've held my launch concerts for my albums outside the shop, and they gave me and my friend Richard access to the premises after hours to film the 'Vinyl Junkie' video.

So thank you guys for your support and friendship over the years; and also to the lovely Jim upstairs at BROWSER'S PARADISE - the best vintage clobber known to man.

If you're ever near Cheltenham, I highly recommend making a stop at Cambray Place. My favourite shop could well become yours.

Vinyl Vault - Phil in action!

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