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Recording my new album on tape

I have begun recording my next album on a newly acquired Tascam 424 MK II analogue four track recorder. This is the first time I have recorded on tape since my first album 'Solomon's Tump' in 2003. This is partly for the challenge but also because I believe that analogue recordings sound better. I will be releasing the record on cassette, as well as on CD.

Another reason for recording onto tape is because it means I can't edit parts very effectively if I make a mistake. In fact, I've tried editing on the four track and it has been a complete waste of time because it is so messy. Therefore I'm being forced to play my parts in one take all the way through. This is good for me as a musician, although it IS a complete drag when you get to take 47!

I have written over twenty new songs this year. It's like I had all these ideas germinating over the winter and now they've all blossomed. This is going to be a darker and more confessional album than RIDE, I think. A lot has happened over the last six months.

I've collaborated with Joel Rocko again on a track called 'Nostalgia Show'. Joel provided some great lyrics which I have spun into a tune. Nostalgia is probably one of the main themes running through the album.

For you old technology nerds out there, below are some pics of my set up in various locations - namely my lounge, Nine Volt Leap recording studios in Melksham and my mum's spare bedroom. It took me ages to work out how to power up my condenser mic (because the Tascam doesn't have a pre-amp) and I just learned that most mixers have one built-in so that's going to help with the audio quality.

I am hoping that all this effort will translate into a warmer sounding record. It may well be hissy and imperfect but hopefully it will have more heart.

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