"Given the rise and rise of the old media format it makes sense that we now have a song to high five vinyl’s reappearance. What Blake achieves is a production value that is pure vinyl in its values; the warmth and purity of his delivery makes for a personal experience that is so often lost on digital recordings. Once we get our portable turntables fixed, ‘Vinyl Junkie’ will be playing around the campfire all summer."

(Review of 'Vinyl Junkie') Kevin Hugger, Music Blogger


“Blake is a rising UK talent, a true conceptual auteur. Here, he's set his compositional skills to work to create a rock opera version of the Nativity story. It's a corker of an adaptation.” (Review of 'Star Over Bethlehem')

Oscar Hyde, CrossRhythms


“Your music evokes that magic San Fran psychedelic sound and resonates with a deep understanding and respect for that era.”

Steve Barilotti, Film maker behind 'Rick Griffin: The Film'


“While Blake pays due homage to his influences, it’s his integrity that’s stamps itself over the 10 tracks contained on this long playing disc.”

(Review of ‘Stay Human’) Simon Wells, author of ‘Butterfly on a Wheel: The Great Rolling Stones Drugs Bust’


“The Beatle-esque nuances make it addictive…” (Review of ‘Stay Human’) Audio Clinic


“This is one talented guy, and versatile, too. One tune is folkish, another pop rock. Catchy melodies and personal songwriting without falling into the ‘woe-is-me, there’s nothing but my angst’ trap. Good stuff.”

(Review of ‘The First Snow’)


“Get ready to shake that fringe because this is a big punchy pop swagger that suggests the Dave Clark Five have spent the last 40 years in sub-zero rejuvenation tanks, only to emerge as pointy-booted 21st century pop warriors. Very catchy, very good.”



“An eclectic mix of classic 60s sounds with a touch of early 70s and a sprinkling of the 80s.. FAR OUT !!! The music was so groovy i came back for another listen..Check this dude out, folks!”

Todd Dillingham


“Admirers of the Bevis Frond’s earliest bedroom recordings, with squeaky Farfisa bleat, fuzzy guitars and crash-bang drums will find much to admire…”

Phil McMullen, Terrascope Online


“a psychedelic vibe that sounds like it was ripped stright from the 60′s. The sound is captivating, moody and most of all authentic.”

Zack Daggy, Music Blogger


“Intelligent, soulful pop that’s more seductive than a box of After Eights.”

BBC Introducing


“a pulsating, trippy nod to the late 60s, this talented, Bath, England-based artist is one to watch and groove to for the long haul.”

Alan Haber, Buhdge


"Musically, the album loses none of its charm and psychedelic pop-rock by tackling these hard hitting issues, and instead become a vehicle for Blake to convey his compassion and frustration for what he feels is our lost humanity. The album is punctuated by lovely little pop songs like "Tell Me Why", adding to Blake's growing reputation as a gifted songsmith."

(Review of 'Stay Human') Tim Goodall


“Like the tracks that follow, 'She’s Not All That' is a perfect pop song with catchy riffs, tight harmonies and a memorable and sing-a-long chorus.”

Stephen Morris, BBC Gloucestershire


"Blake turned up by a Small Faces search and does a pretty neat line in "Maximum Garage Soul" himself. 'Solomon's Tump' is a real stormer of a track."

Sweeny, Partly Porpoise Blog

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