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All Aboard! HMS Blake launches 25th September

In exciting news, the Subjangle label will be releasing a new album of mine on 25th September. HMS Blake will be a double CD featuring an expanded version of 1971 on the first disc containing six new songs and a compilation of twenty tracks from my previous albums on the second disc. It’s a great honour to be working with the label, which has some fantastic artists on its roster, including The Crystal Furs, The Hannah Barberas, Alpine Subs and Night Heron.

The Limited Edition CD features artwork by my friend Richard Kilbey and will be available to pre-order from Subjangle’s Bandcamp page soon:

Thanks very much to all those of you who responded to my request for help selecting the songs to appear on the compilation disc.

1971 in the meantime has gained some positive reviews:

In other exciting news, my song ‘Vinyl Junkie’ is featured on the sampler CD accompanying September’s edition of Relix magazine in the United States. The magazine started as a Grateful Dead fanzine in the mid-70s but has morphed into a respected psych/rock magazine with a readership of over 100,000. As you can imagine, I am made up about this!


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