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Will the Real Blake Please Stand Up

My new album is released today on Bandcamp and is available as a free download. The title reflects the eclectic mix of music on the record and the fact that there seem to be a million artists called Blake these days! I can assure you that there weren't in 2003 when I released my first LP, Solomon's Tump. A primitive internet search on AOL then returned exactly 0, which is partly why I chose the moniker. Oh well.

Will the Real Blake Please Stand Up is my second collection of demos and out-takes, following 2008’s Antheology.

I spent the last two months of 2020 trawling through my archives of four track tapes stretching from the end of the nineties to the mid-noughties and decided that the time was right to release some of these orphaned tracks. What was weird was that I came across quite a few songs that I had no memory of writing or recording at all. I suppose it was quite a long time ago now, to be fair!

Some of the songs on the album are literally the rough four (and sometimes one or two) track demos I knocked together; whereas I've embellished others using Logic in order to complete the song idea. For instance, 'Live in the Moment' only had guitar tracks and one vocal track, so I added backing vocals, bass, drums and keyboards because it was obviously designed as a 'band' number. Where I've been able to, I've left them untouched.

I hope that it brings some pleasure after a depressing start to 2021. I had planned for a theatre show on Saturday 13th March to celebrate a significant birthday but it looks as though this will now be postponed until later in the year.

Anyway, onward and upward! The important thing is for us all to remain safe and I look forward to informing you about further musical adventures later in the year, including progress on the follow-up to 1971.

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